About Morsels

Morsels, founded by Chef Petrina Loh in 2013. Originally, in a shophouse on Mayo Street in Little India. In 2017, the restaurant was moved to the current location in the lush greenery of Dempsey Hill.

25 Dempsey Road, was originally the historical Civil Service Clubhouse built during the British era. Well-preserved by Singapore Land Authority, our current location has been redesigned by Chef Petrina to a cozy barnyard cottage, where one might find furnishings from materials repurposed, memorabilia from her travels, plate ware from all around the world but also some from our homegrown potters, Mudrock. Look around the walls, and one might find Chef Petrina’s paintings and landscape photographs, sharing her love for the arts and nature. 

Our cuisine, predominantly Asian Fusion, is innovative and progressive. It is a reflection of Chef Petrina’s childhood heritage as a homegrown Singapore local, to her travels in seek of inspiration globally. Our award- winning celebrity Singaporean female chef-owner frequently seeks out fellow artisans be it winemakers, farmers, sauce makers and incorporates them into our menus. 

Back to our roots when we first started 10 years ago, a casual ala carte small plates wine bar is born. Our menu will be changing every 2-3 weeks, to keep things fresh and casual. Enjoy our own fermented sauces and ingredients which Chef Petrina has been making since 2018 incorporated into this menu. In our cozy rustic cottage, we share our love for food, wine, sake and greenery. Not forgetting, our stewardship to the environment with our zero-waste policy and sustainability focus ingredient driven mission. 

Morsels Dempsey Hill
Chef Petrina Loh

Chef Petrina Loh

Chef Petrina, born and raised in Singapore, was a former private banker turned chef. At 29, she decided to switch careers and moved to the melting pot, San Francisco, where she was formally trained in California Culinary Academy’s Le Cordon Bleu program and further honed her skills in various Michelin starred restaurants. Upon returning to Singapore in 2012, Morsels was born.

Her love for culture, food anthropology and artisanal foods gives her inspiration to create progressive fusion cuisine, which defies boundaries and ignores attempts at pigeonholing. Seamlessly weaving in medicinal and nourishing ingredients into her cooking with a strong penchant for fermentation and artisanal cooking techniques. 

She shares, “I like to work with a variety of ingredients, teasing their natural flavours to release into the mouth a trained frenzy of sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami, tempering the temperature and texture, all on one plate.” 
The chef-owner’s life tenets extends to the restaurant’s ethos-genuine, artisanal and approachable.